Elara is a Blue Smoke Maine Coon, she can generally be found wrapped around my neck like a scarf!

She has the most loving nature and the loudest purr, she has to be involved in absolutely everything but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Although Elara is the smallest of our girls, she makes up for this in personality.

Elara gave us 2 beautiful litter with Kylo and 1 with Morpheus.

She has now retired but rules the roost



 Astraea is yet another of our homebred kittens.

She is a beautiful Black/Silver Ticked Tabby, she is from Silver Shaded lines so it is possible she may bless us with Silver Shaded babies one day.

Astraea and Kylo had a beautiful litter of 8 babies after an emergency caesarean section.

Astraea was later spayed, retired and homed with a lovely family